Running, Reading, and the Daily Grind

“I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.” – Richard II, Shakespeare

back in the saddle

I’ve had the worst string of luck lately – it seems that every time I try to get back on track with running/training, something comes up to derail me. In May it was finals. and when finals ended, I started easing back on the road. then I went on vacation to a 4 day music festival where I camped out in the middle of nowhere, tennessee. I didn’t sleep or even shower for 4 days, nevermind run (yes, eeewww). then I came back, and the first thing I did (after the most fulfilling shower experience EVER, and then a full 12 hours of sleep on a mattress – heaven!) was go for a run. then I got sick. not just a summer cold, I got so sick I could barely get out of bed for two days. following which, I had this persistent hacking cough that would send me into such paralytic fits that I couldn’t sleep through the night without being coughed awake for no less than a week.

I just got my end of summer/fall training schedule – which includes, yes, the inevitable marathon training. so yesterday I went for a light run (with only mild coughing and wheezing). tonight I went to my Tuesday night spin class for the first time in two weeks. still feeling pretty good. legs are a bit sore, but not in a bad way. I’m going to stretch them out and hope they’re good to go for another easy run tomorrow. I have to start building my mileage back up. training schedule has me down for a 10+ mile long run this weekend – I am extremely doubtful that I’ll make it, especially since this is my first week back on the road so I may stretch the miles out over Saturday and Sunday instead of one long run.

and oh, did I also mention that it is godawful humid in NY right now? god help me if I have to run more than 6 miles on a treadmill. no amount of TV or music is enough to keep me motivated enough to run in place for over an hour.

my goal is to get to 30 miles this week. 40 miles next week. build up to 50 miles at least by the end of the month. let’s hope nothing else comes up to keep me off the road.